Welcome to Fiocchi Sword and Prop.

My name is Tom Fiocchi and I am a sword cutler specializing in custom stage combat weapons and a theatrical props artisan ready to commission ginormous puppets, trick lanterns, or unusual furniture!

Fiocchi Sword was founded in the late 1980’s when I needed to arm myself for stage combat classes I was taking at the Shakespeare Theater. (Where I was employed as a props artisan)  I began taking orders from my classmates and built swords for clients in the Washington DC area.

I am a props artisan by trade and moved to Athens, Ohio in 1997 to teach props construction at Ohio University’s School of Theater.  My sword business has steadily increased since then and this is the website to explain how I do business.

Sword Furbisher.

I am technically a sword furbisher or cutler.  This is an artisan who takes a finished blade and designs and constructs a hilt for it.  (a hilt is the quillons/crossguard,  handle and the pommel /counterweight)

I specialize in historically accurate weapons, built to withstand the rigors of stage combat.  My niche in this business is building one of a kind weapons to my customers specifications, and thus having no two swords being exactly the same.

The galleries on this site are filled with pictures of swords and props that I have created from private commission, arming a stage fight group, or for a specific show (read, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s Three Musketeers!!)

There are some swords on this site that are for sale (!!), I will try to keep them marked clearly and updated.

While the site is very sword-centric, I have very consciously added ‘and prop’ to the name-ya gotta love the trick prop, strange furniture, or ginormous puppet, engineering is my strong suit!  I work from pictures, drafting, and sometimes napkins.

4 thoughts on “HOME

  1. I’m in the budgeting stage (so there’s plenty of lead time and no deadline) and there are three hilts I’d love to have with an epee or slager blade. The first is the Disney’s Three Musketeer Blade (with Kiefer Sutherland), the second is on the cover of Princess of Mars (Michael Whelan art) the sword sticking out of the chest of the dead Thark at John Caters feet and the third is from the Cover of the Gods of Mars (Whelan) the sword in Tars Tarkas’ lower right hand that extends the point horizoontily above John Carters head. I can e-mail you images if you don’t have easy access to them. These are in no particular order.

    I’m impressed with the skill and beauty evident in your work. I have two questions.
    1. Would you be willing to do any or all of these hilts/swords (if so, which)?
    2. What would be a ballpark estimate for each you’d be willing to create. (I fully understand that depending on when I’m budgeted the costs of materials could change, somewhat changing this price estimate.)

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Jeff:
      sorry it took so long to get back to you, The site is only slightly open and I havent had much time to work on it lately… I’m on my facebook site much more. I didnt know how to find my messages off the website….. I will try to look up the swords you requested. biggest deal is trying to find blades if they are exotic. I am usually dealing in rapier, smallsword, broadsword etc. I would have to see exactly what they are… I’m on it then I can get back to you with an estimate! thanks for the kind words about my weapons….!!!!

    • The Carter stuff seems like fantasy swept hilts, I could get a large enough image to make out exactly what is going on though. do you have any larger images??? I dont think they would be too tough. but AI need more detail to quote.

    • I found good shots of the musketeer 3/4 hilts. Could do it, I dont have the capabilities to do allthe inlay on the cross but I can do some chiseling and stick to the spirit of it. probably looking at $500 to 600 depending on blade. that would probably be the range on the John carter swords too, but like I said, I would need better pictures.

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